Magnificent MANNY! LIVE-IN. Meet Ugo. He’s a 25 year old English teacher from Mexico & former au pair. He spent two years in the USA taking care of three boys, one in Boston and two in LA. He worked in a Montessori elementary school for 4 years. He also taught English in high school, college, and corporate groups. Ugo’s first job was as a summer camp counselor when he was in high school and he did that for three summers. So he likes teaching and working with children and has done so for several years now.
I know all of this, because he was in my group in LA for one year. I know his former family would host him again if it wasn’t for the fact that they already have an au pair. However, rest assured that they will give him an excellent reference.

Here’s the reasons he would like to be an au pair again:
Ugo says…………….
1) I enjoy working with children
2) I’m passionate about education, multiculturalism, and languages
3) I want to take advantage of the great educational opportunities the US offers
4) I want to be a great parent when the time comes
5) And I’m quite good at being an au pair, if I do say so myself (my previous host families also say so)

You should consider hosting me as your au pair because:
1) I’m well qualified for this role
2) I have plenty of experience working with children (8,000+ hrs)
3) I’ve already participated in the program, so I know exactly how it works.
4) I’m a great driver and a good cook
5) I can teach Spanish to the kids
6) I’m responsible, respectful, and funny
Need I say more! Ugo is the real deal and your kids will really love having him as their MANNY/Au Pair.
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Thursday, 10 August 2017 1:29 PM


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